Project Manager Oil and Gas Job Vacancy

Project Manager Oil and Gas Job Vacancy

Looking for senior and Deputy Project managers who will Supervise and lead a team of Engineers in the management, direction and co-ordination of all project resources, assuming entire responsibility in order to ensure that construction meets all client contractual requirements in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Job Details

Location: Saudi Arabia > Dammam
Working Locations: Site, Office, International

Key Requirements
An engineering degree with a minimum of 20 years of project management experience, pipelines and within EPC companies and the oil and gas sector.

Job Description
Co-ordinate all projects/sites activity with responsibility for the execution of the project in compliance with all contractual requirements, ensure that resource usage is optimized to achieve, or exceed, projected profit margins. Occasionally leads proposal preparation efforts.

Ensure a thorough understanding of the contract requirements and direct preliminary planning stages as necessary.
Co-ordinate the work of the mobilization team to ensure that all necessary activities are reviewed with actions appropriately assigned, timescales agreed and relevant parties briefed with new communication channels established where ever necessary.

Manage and coordinate the resourcing requirements for respective project segments, including staffing and plant to ensure that these are accurate and realistic and that any necessary steps needed to supply resources have been arranged.

Co-ordinate, in conjunction with the Project Management Team, the development and establishment of the project planning package together with the mechanisms for monitoring subsequent progress against that plan. Ensure that corrective action is agreed and implemented at the appropriate level as and when variations from plans occur.

Liaise with relevant staff to ensure that the project monitoring system is implemented adequately and that output on financial performance is reviewed at the appropriate level and frequency to ensure effective control of the project budget.

Provide adequate resources and expertise on site to ensure the effective supervision, monitoring and control of the work being undertaken to ensure full compliance with all relevant standards, policy and procedures.

Understand project insurance requirements and initiate action to secure coverage in line with contractual obligations.

Review Safety and QA/QC project plans with respective functional heads and submit to client for approval.

Resolve any contractual/legal matters and ensures that appropriate action is taken which does not compromise nor expose to unnecessary risk.

Monitor the demobilization plans of the workforce and plant as the project progresses in order to facilitate the relocation of the workforce and the further utilization or disposal of plant.

Act as the Company’s official representative with clients, suppliers, partners and third party contractors - negotiating terms and conditions where necessary, ensuring that Company interests are both optimized and protected.

Monitor performance of suppliers and subcontractors to determine compliance with contractual obligations. Resolve issues arising from disputes or sub-standard performance.

Monitor payments from clients and initiate payments to suppliers and sub-contractors ensuring all terms and conditions have been met.

Manage the preparation and presentation of the final documentation and liaises with the client for the issuance of the acceptance certificate and release of performance bonds and bank guarantees.

Participate in a formal review of the project with relevant parties on completion and identify

opportunities for learning and development.

Establishes and maintains good relations with clients, partners and local authorities aimed at

safeguarding and promoting interests.

Provide commercial and technical input for the Contracts Department at the estimation stage, when

requested, ensuring that adequate provision is made for all proposed activities.

Keep abreast of industry developments and approves and manages the implementation of

technological advances to enhance capabilities.
Carry out any other activities as and when required by the direct supervisor.
Decisions limited to the scope of the execution of the project. Consults with supervisor on key decisions, which affect the project scope. May make decisions on improvements in the project plan.

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